He only throws what we can catch

As usual, the following comes without boasting. I boast in the power of Christ, and the fact that without HIM, nothing of this was possible.

Here’s how I think the planning process for this week went for God… (and if you don’t think God does this sort of thing, read: Job 1-2; 2 Chronicles 18:18-22)

God begins by saying, “OK everyone, I need someone to go down and test my servant Jakob. Not necessarily because he is in sin, but because I love him, and want to show him that love and my blessings through all of his trials”

The angels sat murmuring among themselves, then one, the one who would be assigned the task, rose and said:

“Oh Lord! Allow me! Towards the beginning of the week I will cause him the need to confront two people very close to him about their sin, and it will burden his soul for the whole week, and continue to do so until they are confronted! Then, his motives will be questioned by some that he loves. Also, he will feel so strongly the pain of stress that he will not be able to work on Monday. After that, he will work on Tuesday, but that will be the first day of his battle with the illness that we will inflict upon him. That will plague him Tuesday and Wednesday, but mostly on Thursday, which is when the real curve ball will come. Allow me, oh Lord, to go down and slit his rear tire, thus increasing his stress, and decreasing his immune system. Then, his throat feeling worse that evening, he will be sitting in his brother’s small group, and lose all energy that he had during that day. Then Friday, I will make his sickness grow, and he will be forced to take the day off from work once again!”

“Very well,” said God, “Only, watch this…”

“At the beginning of the week, when he realizes the need to confront his loved ones, he will turn to me for guidance. He will ask me what I think and I will answer him through My Word. This will also be reaffirmed by those closest to him, and he will not be left in the dark on this. Then, upon his motives for responding to sin being questioned, the defense he gives will be of Me, and will reflect My Word, and the judgment and cost that I have prescribed in the situation. He will be stressed on Monday, yes, but I will send him the words that he needs to express that. I will also bring a peace about him from My heart to his. On top of that, there will be things done for My Kingdom that day by him, and he will be blessed by a visit from a friend of the family. Later that evening, he and his parents will have the first real conversation that they have had for a very long time, and all three will benefit from what is said, cried, and yelled. But mostly, I will be praised! Then Tuesday? Yes, let him feel the sickness that will come, but then I will strengthen him through the awkwardness of the day back at work… he will continue to be My witness in the silence through the gossip. Then Wednesday, as he is beginning to feel the weakness more, I will bring him to the group of friends at his meeting where he will be blessed by their company and enjoy mutual encouragement. Afterwards, he will enjoy a long conversation from a dear friend of his who will tell him that he is doing right, and must continue to trust in Me and show My truth AND love. This will come at the moment he needs it, and then will feel another burden for a friend who is sharing in his burden of confrontation. What you also do not know, is that between Wednesday and Thursday he will be sharing his excitement of recent news he will hear about a friend of his possibly moving closer to him. But Thursday, as you are cleverly slashing his tire and worsening his illness, I will cause his car to be left home, therefore protecting him and his fellow servant as they travel down to school, this was planned out you see. With this said, he will be blessed with rest from having to drive, and the journey will feel shorter than usual. His brother will then lead this small group that evening, but this will not require much energy on Jakob’s part. I have put My words in his brother, Jonathan, and will cause this Bible study to go smoothly. I will also send him the words of his mother, encouraging him to take the car and allow him to visit the doctor’s about his throat. Then, the understanding coworkers that I have given him, though they are not my children, will encourage him, for every good thing comes from Me, the Father of heavenly lights. So thank you for volunteering, your obedience has done well to show My glory. And cast what you will, for I will only cast what I have enabled him to catch.”

“So there you go!” said God to me, “I have given you this week! Make the best of it! Acknowledge Me in everything! And I will make you strong in My name! My name be praised, and you will find joy, hope, rest, peace, love, and patience.”


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