Again, God has that knack for causing me to realize how blessed I am, when it truly does not seem that I am.

This week has been a long week of recovering from our youth all-nighter. Saturday night at Atmosphere, we were all tired, but I think that we witnessed the truest form of church fellowship that there is. One could only understand by being there how amazing it was, and is, that God worked in such a huge way. I felt a sense of community, which, even in small churches, one loses these days. That is what we are to be- a community of believers. It is difficult when we are all trying to lead and serve, but no-body thinks that they need to be served. But, that is a big lie.

I was able to, once again, experience this community today. I am currently house sitting, and the basement became slightly flooded. So, after calling up a Christian brother, he, myself, and four others spent the day cleaning out the basement. There was no discussion of God, with the exception of praising Him for things He does (including flooding basements) but there was a sense of duty, and purpose. I am reminded of where it says “if anyone knows the good he should do, and does not do it, he sins.” I think that there was a silent realization of that. Not that anyone came grudginly, but in that they all came willingly, and were pleased to help. Then I realized something else, it was not me that they were helping in this, they were helping the owners of the house. I, as the house sitter, had the first oppurtunity to help in this need, then these brothers and sister came around me to enable me to help in a greater way.

So this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the community of believers here and abroad. That we can serve in other nations, but if we are not called to do so, then there is always a plan for us to work here.
Thanks to all that helped!


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