the plan

So I was challenged, as I hope many others were, last night at the youth service (Atmosphere) where I am part of the leadership team.
Pastor Josh preached on being a man, and part of the whole thing was about having a plan…
So, here is mine. It’s a ten year plan which includes the big things that I think God has for me. Some have a date near them, others are more general time line.

Over the next ten years, I would like to-

Finish both books I have begun to write, then possibly start some more.

Get a dual-citizenship with Sweden.

June 2009, or January or June 2010- spend six months in Sweden to figure out how God can use me there.

Finish paying back my parents what I owe them (hopefully before I finish college)

Finish college in a timely manner. (3-4 years from now)

Find myself making enough money weekly so that I am able to live on my own, or just be ready to move on to ministry with that in mind.

As a result of this, get married and begin a family.

(after getting married) Move to Sweden and begin an Atmosphere Church: Sweden.
(call it Atmosphere Kyrka, or

Make a new ten year plan in five years!


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