acceptance or abuse

Kind of reflecting back on Christmas and the gifts that have been passed, I have come to further understand one great gift.
That is the gift of grace.

God has given us, as believers, great amount of grace. So great that we are forgiven of such great acts.
I have come to a new understanding of this grace recently because someone has recently offered to pay a huge some of money that I owe. When I heard of this offer, my initial reaction was to reject the gift. I was wondering why someone would want to help me out! Why would they pay that? What have I done to deserve this… oh, I see.

It is like this with God. He has made an incredible offer of grace in our lives and, after realizing that we do not deserve it, we reject it. We think it is absurd that anyone would want to do such things for undeserving sinners like us, but Jesus considered it joy (as we have seen in Philippians 2 already).

But there is also the flip side of this.

There are those that love grace, but use the abundance of it to sin all the more. In all reality they have not read Romans enough.

Romans 6:1, 2 say, “What shall we say then? Are we to continue to sin so that grace may abound? By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it?”

It is dangerous to think that because God has forgiven His followers through the blood of Christ that we are free to live as we once did. We are free in Christ from sin, but it is not a freedom to do as we wish, but to live safely in Him.

Do you accept the grace to its fullest? Or do you abuse it to your demise?


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