books of 2009 (so far)

So, some thoughts on books that I have read so far, and will be reading in the next month, just because I thought you might care! (Some are for school, some for fun, some both!)

Ones that I read in January:
Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris
Kicked my butt spiritually to force me to re-evaluate my life and ministry. Truly Amazing!
Prodigal God by Timothy Keller
Caused me to look at how we are to live as believers in Christ, with true love and true elder brother form. Amazing!

Tribes by Seth Godin
What is true leadership? (from a secualar view point) Faith in what you are doing, not religiously thinking that because A happens, B will definately follow. Allow going against the grain. Phenomenal!
The Irrestible Revolution by Shane Claiborne
I found it very resistible. Yes, care for the poor, but don’t make that your savior. Read with a pound of salt.
Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne
Jesus is my King… I don’t need Him as my president- because then he would be subject to our checks and balances. (There is a reason why He said “my kingdom is not of this world”). Again, poverty is a big issue that we should care about, but our savior is our king (Christ), not the easing of suffering. Take another pound of salt with this one.
What I hope to have read by the end of February:
Vintage Jesus (again) by Mark Driscoll
Who Jesus really is. Phenomenal explanation!
The Screwtape Letters (again) by C.S. Lewis
What do the demons talk about? Some salt needed, but still great!
So Great Salvation (for school only!!!!) by Charle Ryrie
Looking at the issue of Lordship Salvation, which I have a paper on at some point.
Total Church by Tim Chester
What I hear is a great alternative to The Irrestible Revolution. I will test that statement. Looking at, “What is the Church supposed to be?”. Should prove to be a great, yet challenging, read.
Är Det Synd att tro på Tomten av Daniel Jansson (or, Is it a Sin to Believe in Santa Claus by Daniel Jansson)
Answering that question from a Penecostal (and Swedish) perspective.
What I am reading now:

The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Looking at exactly what Christ requires of each of us in this world controlled by evil. So far, VERY good, but like the next one, misused.
The Bible by God, compiled by others.
Where I learned about Jesus and continue to understand Him. Essential for balancing all the above books. I would not know what is false if I did not know this book. God is great! But very misquoted, let’s change that!

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