I was at the Doctor’s office this morning for a blood test, and once again I found myself appalled at how bitter people in general can be.

Case in point, there were many people there waiting for lab work, some had been waiting for around half-an-hour. Then, after I came in, two ladies came and were complaining about waiting fifteen minutes.
Just shows the need for us as believers to look at people, and situations, through the eyes of Christ, and realize that the world does not revolve around us.
It is a much better testimony to be joyful and calm about things such as this. Let’s live like that. 

One thought on “greivances

  1. kelpoulin February 2, 2009 / 19:34

    I totally agree with you on this. What do they expect, they’re at a lab on a Monday! They should be thankful they’re not waiting in line for unemployment or the soup kitchen. Just another example of the “me” society we live in. Sad.

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