seeking forgiveness

Before continuing any further in my blogging, I would like to seek forgiveness on behalf of the American Church for some things that I feel we have gotten wrong.

Please, forgive us for-
The prosperity Gospel that we have spread though the world.
The way that we think we are the only Christians out there, and all the Christians of other lands are wrong.
The way that we have gone about reaching others by trying to bring the American culture or “dream” to every corner of the globe.
The way that we have softened the message of the Cross to the point where Jesus is just a nice guy. I’m sorry for leading you astray.
Thinking that America is God’s new chosen nation, this is the greatest loss. God’s kingdom is in heaven, and we are His people, scattered in foreign lands.
But I want to also not apologize, and instead encourage the Church that has gotten it right.
I do not apologize for the Churches that are telling the truth in love: they are fulfilling the command of Christ.
I do not apologize for saying that there is only one way to be saved and that if we make Christ our treasure, then we inherit salvation.
And, I cannot apologize for the Gospel of Christ. I rejoice because there is no need. For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, because it is the power of God for the salvation of those who believe.
May you see the difference between what the American Church has wrongly spread, and what we as the Church are supposed to be. And may we act as we ought.

One thought on “seeking forgiveness

  1. Matt Dyer February 12, 2009 / 16:03

    Jakob, I’m with you. It seems like the greatest disservice we’ve done to the Gospel is muddying the waters with our “american dream” and thinking that God wants us to have everything we ever wanted rather than Himself, everything we ever needed. It’s a tragedy that that is what much of the world sees… the “american gospel”. We should be praying that the stream of the gospel runs clear in our lives, nurturing our roots and allowing us to bear good fruit that makes Jesus look beautiful to the world!

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