Stupid face value!

In a review of a recently released book(which will remain nameless) one reader stated that,

After finishing this book they came to a higher understanding of God and felt they wasted four years of seminary

(that’s paraphrased BTW)Now I know from excerpts I’ve read and from other peoples opinions that I value, that this book is quite off on a few points. But my real problem is less with the book and the author and more with the readers.

How come no one questions anything anymore? It’s like people are much happier by just accepting anything they hear.

…Well it’s obvious that Dr Seuss is right, He is a doctor after all and he wrote a book on green egg’s and ham.

It’s just disheartening that brainwork is often bartered away for convenience. And even more so that some of those who do try to contribute are rarely contextual. It’s like there formula is a bunch of hefty words, a little bit of Dr. Phil, and a Family fun size jar of Oprah. But people listen! What happened to scrutiny and investigation? to inquiry and analysis? Why is it so many other things are put under a microscope while it seems others are stealing grandma’s underwear and trying to have US for dinner?

Now whats really ironic is that we’ve done a complete turnaround from where we were centuries ago, instead of denying everything we just accept it!

Nicolaus Copernicus, if you didn’t know, was an astronomer. Coperniucs was the first to really “prove” that we lived in a Heliocentric universe(which means the sun is the center of the universe, not the Earth)Well the Church didn’t like this idea at all and had he been alive when the ideas became public, he would have been excommunicated. Come to find out his theories were much better than those held by the church!

The point I am trying to reach here is really that on either side people tend to take things as they are whether your denying or accepting…there is no objectivity, and despite what post-modern thought would have us think. TRUE thirst for knowledge CAN be objective. So let’s question with the hope of learning. Let’s not take everything at face value but discern reasonably. Let’s investigate in light of that which we know is true. Knowledge will be way more fun that way!


2 thoughts on “Stupid face value!

  1. jakob March 12, 2009 / 20:19

    true, although people like knowledge less than the idea of being shacked up with God…
    good pun huh?

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