worship Him as He is… not was

I would like to point out some things in the past, present, and future life of Christ.

From eternity past He was equal with God and thus worshipped as God in heaven.
Upon coming to earth, He stopped people from worshipping Him in His form as He came- not counting equality with God something to be grasped but making Himself nothing, He came as God and Man.
Upon His ascension and glorification, He received worship. We worship the King who has risen, not one who is still in a humble form.
Why is this important?
If He is still in a humble form, or we simply worship the past of Christ, we are trying to glorify something that was humbled; we are placing His works above His person, and if we are doing that, then it makes it far too easy to worship other people who do great works for other people, but not Christ. 
Christ has become a good guy to mimic, not God and savior, in the minds of those who focus on His past without acknowledging His present.

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