why true (kind) Calvinists are happier in Christ

The “New Calvinism” out there has gotten much attention. But what about true John Calvin Calvinism? I think that if people looked at what he taught, many would realize they would be happier in Christ agreeing with Johnny C! 

This is definitely something that will ruffle feathers, but hear me out!

Let’s look at the joy to be found in God’s election of HIs people! ~ (p.s. most of these will look similar)

We know that the world does not rise or fall with our actions-
With this in mind, we can get beyond the stress of thinking that we are ultimately responsible for everything, when God is the one that is in control, not us.
We are not guilty of not convincing our friends of Christ-
While we are to be intentional about telling all about the love of Christ, their belief does not rest on our word, God will not be disappointed if we fail to get them all the way (He is working His good pleasure), and (contrary to major evangelical thought) they will not see us at the judgment seat and guilt us by asking why we never told them of Christ. I know that I can only do what God has ordained and enabled me to do, and leave the rest up to the Spirit.
Because we can’t do anything to will or earn or own salvation, we can’t will or “un-earn” this salvation-
We know that even though we didn’t witness to that person today, or maybe if we were having a bad day and flipped a guy off-If we are truly saved (believe in Christ Jesus for salvation by grace alone, through faith alone)- we will not lose our life in Christ. Our entrance into Heaven is not based on comission like what you earn selling cars. He is the one that holds on to us, not the other way around. We love Him because He loved us first. But if our faith preceeds God’s choosing, life would be rather despairing on days that we are struggling with faith in Christ. God is not like man- this is not a contract but a covenant. Contracts can be ended by either party, a covenant is still valid even through the disobedience of one side. “I the Lord do not Change, thus you are not destroyed!” (Malachi 3:6)
We believe that everything has a purpose and things aren’t left up to chance-
When Paul commands us to do all things as unto Christ (1 Corinthians 10:31-33) we can actively do so because all life is lived to God. This brings great joy! As Piper (always) says- “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him!” this is Christian Hedonism at its greatest! Thus, even though the good things that we do are not required in order to keep our salvation, we still do them out of great joy knowing that they are bringing glory to God. Our good deeds are the evidence of grace in our lives.
Us single guys have hope!-
I know that because God has placed a desire in me to be married, He will not let that go- there is some one who is (pre) destined to be with me! (Even if she thinks that we chose eachother, silly Arminian!). 
I know that the day will end-
I have plenty of bad days. God has ordained suffering to draw us closer to the cross of Christ. So in this suffering, I look towards Christ and say, “yeah, it’s bad, but there is something greater that God has PLANNED for me! It isn’t a chance occurence that God simply saw coming, He invited it!
I can sleep!-
I might work hard like I’m trying to keep my salvation, but I always can go to sleep knowing that nothing I did changed my standing with God, and nothing that I do will change His love. Also, knowing that tomorrow is also ordained beforehand enables me to not worry about decisions that I have. So whether it be ten minutes or ten hours(!), my sleep is a great gift of God where He says, “Look, I’ve got this, put your faith in me, show me your faith by your napping. This will still be here when you wake up!”

These are just seven of the many joys that come from understanding the great sovereign power of God and His election of His people!
Did I miss anything?

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