Books of 2009 (March)

Vintage Church by Mark Driscoll and Gary Breshears– 

These guys put so much more heart into this than I have seen before. Vintage Jesus was great, but this one is so much deeper and more transparent than that was. It shows truly what the Church needs to be and how she can grow. For me it further built up what City on a Hill by Phillip Ryken did. It also has made me much more anxious to read Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmins.
Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell-
It has happened every month so far that I have read something that has made me want to theologically vomit, if that even makes sense. This month, it was Elvis. While not “actually saying” that we don’t need to believe in things such as the virgin birth of Christ, the implications of what he is saying are terrible. Contrary to his teaching, there is nothing about the Bible that needs repainting, it is the infallible Word of God, and we are not inspired like the original authors’ Words were, so we cannot bring new ideas to the truth of Scriptures. These are all things that Bell challenges in his book of shallow theology and practice. 
Humility: True Greatness by C.J. Mahaney-
This was a great awakening to how I need to live and grow as a believer in Christ Mahaney takes the daunting task of writing on the subject while admitting that he is one of the most proud people he knows! It takes getting nearer to the cross of Christ to realize our need for humility, and sometimes humiliation does it as well! Also challenges us to live lives of quiet submission to the Will and timing of the Father: “Will you, like Habakkuk, quietly and humbly wait for God’s fulfillment of His promise?”

Stop Dating the Church, Fall in Love with the Family of God by Joshua Harris-
WOW!!! That pretty much sums it up. Harris does so well to stay on the focus of what makes a Church dater… very transparent (like the next one). This is a great thing to read if you are trying to find a Church, fit in to one, are Church hopping, or have the mindset of “I’m not going to be here forever so…” A MUST READ!!!
Sex isn’t the problem, Lust is by Joshua Harris-
I began reading this with the intent that I could use the points and arguments in it to help people over come lust and sin in their own lives… I ended feeling convicted. As a guy, and a human, I obviously struggle with lust. Harris again is very transparent in his discussion of the root of not only sexual sin, but also sin in general. The HEART is the issue! This is a book that I would definitely suggest to everyone! 

So Great Salvation by Charles C. Ryrie-
I read this for school and a paper that I have due soon. It was  a surprisingly good read with the exception that Ryrie focuses too much on prooving his point against Lordship Salvation and not enough on an objective view of what true salvation is. I mildly disagree on some points, but he supports his argument well and as an open handed one I can still call him a brother and have some disagreements. I would sugest this to anyone who wants to go deep into their understanding of their relationship with Christ.
For the month of April, I will be reading much on the Church and specifically small groups as I have begun doing. This is in preparation for The Calling a youth leader’s conference put on by Atmosphere Church which I will be speaking at. 
For more information, visit The Calling‘s website and Atmosphere Church at We hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Books of 2009 (March)

  1. Krister Book April 3, 2009 / 05:03

    Is it OK to write in Swedish? If not: don´t publish…
    Skriver inte för att provocera men för att INTRESSERA!! Googla på Jonas Gardell. Kontroversiell och omdiskuterad — bl.a — författare. Han kallar sig(?) Kristen men/och har många gånger åsikter på kollisionskurs med andra kristna. För några år sedan skrev han boken:OM GUD. Försök få tag på den! (När du kommer till Sverige får du gärna låna den av mig)
    Nu har han skrivit en bok om Jesus. Där jämförs han med en “normal” man från den plats där Jesus levde. När man var i hans ålder var man gammal och hade pga järnbristoch proteinbrist inga eller dåliga tänder. Få människor levde till de blev 25. Jesus var alltså en gammal man. Dessutom var han antagligen kort och dessutom svart(are)
    berättar han själv om boken. Den kan du INTE låna av mig – ÄN…

  2. jakob April 5, 2009 / 16:14

    ja, det är sante att vi måste si Jesus som han var i Biblen, men den här människa som skriv den `Velvet Elvis`, han ville att vi bara titta på Jesus som han var, inte på Jesus som kungen han är nu. Det är problemet. Men, Om Jesus ser interestante ut, jag måste läsa det!

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