true forgiveness

Mark Driscoll says that the hardest thing for him to believe in is that God has grace and forgiveness for people.

I am finding that this is true not only myself but others as well.
I think (thus this isn’t being supported Bibilically) that we as humans in general find it so hard to accept the forgiveness of Christ because of our past experiences with forgiveness.
Here’s what I mean:
If you have an argument with someone, what usually takes place on the path of reconciliation between you and them? Usually, the guilty party (or the one that feels the guiltiest) will approach the other and confess and seek forgiveness from them. The guilty party is forgiven, and they go on through life. But there is usually not a feeling of forgiveness in the heart of either one. The offended party is holding pain inside still, and the formerly guilty party sees that pain and feels an attack on a daily basis. The forgiven one has to do something to earn “true” forgiveness.

This is not the forgiveness of Christ.
He forgives, but then He equips. He enables. He leads us to constant repentance and Joy!
Through this joy, we can then show our love and “forgiven-ness”. By what grace that is in us, we can display great grace to others. 
Thank You God for grace and true forgiveness that is without guilt and shame!

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