what is grace to you?

Is grace part of your active vocabulary?

This is what I mean– do you actively pray for grace and recognize its presence in abundance, and do you actively live like you have been redeemed?
How you answer this will dictate your effectiveness as a child of God.
Years before I began Bible College, I was frustrated with Bible College and Seminary students. To me, they seemed arrogant, puffed up, and like they were better then others because they said, “well my teacher says…… so therefore you’re wrong”.
I was frustrated with them and vowed never to become that way.
Isn’t it funny, or sad rather, that we become what we vow not to be?
Three years later, I became that college student.
If you have been following my blogs, you know that I have been doing a lot of reading. And if you noticed that, then you have seen my venom against false teachers who are (mis)leading Christians to stop studying the Word and just follow them. Let it be known that I still speak against their teachings and want them to come to repentance in these things.
But I have realized the ever pressing need to show the love, grace, mercy, and compassion of Christ.
This is not easy, and I have not mastered it in the least bit.
It’s my challenge for myself and others around me to obey 2 Peter 3:18-
But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ…
People tend to forget one or the other… for me it’s the grace that I lack… what about you?
As just an aid to this process, I suggest that you find a believing family that has the burden of a loved one with a terminal illness and come alongside them to care for, but also learn from them. So many times have I been encountered with these beautiful people and been stricken by their grace. There is something about their love for eachother and others that is so natural, so true, so untainted even by the disease… we can learn this love and grace from wonderful people like that.

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