How do we gain Gospel centered knowledge?

Also posted on Atmosphere Church’s Blog

Last night, I preached on the need for growth in love and knowledge in our walks with Christ. Having discussed the need for both truth and love, we turn to ask, “How do we gain that truth and love?”.


First, if we are humbly seeking the truth of God from the Scriptures, then we will soon grow in our love for God and others.

We love God more by beginning to understand how holy He is and how great the price Christ paid.

We love each other more by realizing that we are completely sinful even after salvation has justified us, and that others are around us to build us up, and we owe a debt of love towards them. (Romans 13:8)

So how do we gain that knowledge?

  1. Be Saved: 2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that in Christ we are a new creation. This means that we have new minds, hearts, and desires. We will only begin to fulfill God’s plan for our increase in knowledge by being His children.
  2. Pray: We are told on countless occasions in the Bible that we are to pray for all situations. This does not exclude our learning! In growing, we say, “Father give me your eyes, your understanding, and your heart in this matter. May I learn what you have shown me, and leave what you have not revealed up to you.” (Deuteronomy 29:29)
  3. Read: First, we read the Bible. That is how God has chosen to communicate His revealed truth into our lives. After that, we read books that support the truths of the Scriptures.
  4. Listen: We need to truly listen to what others say. This goes far beyond just hearing them. This means that we are listening intently and understanding what they mean. As with reading, listening also must involve us looking at what the Bible says about what we take in. All teaching must go through the filter of the Gospel. If we neglect that, we leave our hearts open to lies.
  5. Write: “A lot of reading makes a broad man,” says Pastor Mark Gedicks, “but a lot of writing makes a deep man.” There is just something about writing your thoughts down that makes your mind process them all the better. So you blog, journal, or even record prayers that you have prayed, all with the intention of seeing God move.
  6. Talk: If you are looking to increase your knowledge, you have to talk. Discuss the meanings of Scripture with godly men and women. They will help you understand more of God’s Will and desire for your life. You must also be open to people correcting you when you are wrong, and not be so focused on being right that you forget Christ and His love.

I hope that you take this into prayerful consideration as you seek to know God more.


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