Here is where I am tonight.

I have been on this earth for twenty years.
I have been in a true relationship with Christ for just under half that time.
In those years, I have learned a lot, been challenged a lot, grown a lot, been rubbed in the dirt, spoken against people, and been spoken against in many ways.
Sitting here in my hotel room just outside of Chicago after being kicked where it counts by a message that was meant for repentance and encouragement at the Gospel Coalition, I am trying to gather my thoughts.
I don’t think it has been fully said yet, but it can never be said enough. I need grace. 
Grace from God.
Grace reflected towards others.
It is really, not at all easy.
Here’s why.
If you have been following this blog or known me for any length of time, you have gotten to know my personality.
I can be arrogant, impatient, jealous, unkind, unloving, ungracious, uncompassionate, unmerciful, and un-everything that Christ demands of us all in the name of truth.
Please don’t read this and think that it is just me trying to be holy after Driscoll preached on the need for repentance. There are indeed many who can attest to the fact that this past weekend I preached on the need to have truth and love (
During this message I had the great opportunity to publically repent for my method in dealing with the truth.
So then, as Driscoll spoke tonight, he got to the need to use the word “heresy” carefully.
I still hold fast that one of the books I have read recently is indeed worthy of this term.
But, it is written by a man who deserves my love, grace, mercy, and compassion. We cannot stray from the truth of the Scriptures and we cannot stray from the Love of Christ. They must be one and the same.
I pray that will be a challenge to you, whoever you are.
God Bless. 

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