Band of Bloggers

Today I had the great opportunity to enjoy lunch in the presence of some great men in the Christian Blogosphere.

This “Band of Bloggers” had a chance to give brief message about Blogging, and more specifically in a Christian context.
Among the great men there were guys like Mike Anderson, Tim Challies and others who all are focused on Christ in the context of the internet.
I can’t remember everything that they all said during their sessions, but perhaps the thing that stuck the most, or affected me the greatest was something that Tim Challies said.
He was talking about discretion on postings and then came to the great point that we need to be the same online as we are in person. This is something that I have personally struggled with.
I can think of at least three or four times this year that I have been a jerk online, but kinder in person. Somehow I think that I have this great courage on the web, but it weakens in person.
So really, our challenge is to be tactful, kind, and not yelling at everyone calling them heretics and all…
so thanks to Mike Anderson, Tim Challies, and all the others who care about Christ and His calling on their lives to serve in this context.

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