Why are words so difficult?

Why do we struggle to say what we need to say?
It simply boils down to sin.
Sin is a result of fear or pride.
We are fearful of what will happen if we follow Christ. 
Or we are filled with pride so as to not desire Him.
I think that the same can be said about words.
We are afraid to tell people what they need to hear or what we need to say.
Or we are prideful in that we think telling them is beyond us.
That’s what I struggle with. Simply telling people my thoughts on a situation, a relationship, or anything causes me to stutter becasue I am unable to say what I really want to or need to say. So we ned up talking about meaningless things… “so those were pretty good cookies…”
The only way to overcome our fear and pride is to humbly seek God for His strength.
Nothing else works.
Seek the love of God and the perseverence of Christ.

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