As now it has hit home…

I have come to the realization that very few people still know what separation of Church and State really means.
Most think that just because we have that silly little First Amendment here in America that our beliefs about God should not affect our voting or Government at all. Uh, that’s not exactly what the founding fathers meant….
And by not exactly, I mean not at all.
All that it means is that the government is not allowed to set up a state religion, and no religion is allowed to sit over our nation as its ruling party.
After that, we have many, many liberties still. Things like freedom of speech.
It is (at times, unfortunately) the right of Americans to say what they need to say without consequence.
This means that Pastors are free to call out sin that they see in their congregations, Christians are allowed to tell people what the Bible says on certain issues, and we are all allowed what some would simply call individual opinion.
But it also means that what happened in California in the name of the First Amendment was potentially the most fatal blow to the truth of the law… and we have the Church to blame.
The Situation:
A Christian student. A Public High School. An Atheistic teacher of Evolution.
Always a good start right?
The teacher called Creationism a “superstitious myth”.
That teacher was subsequently sued as she had “broken the First Amendment”.
Did she really? 
You see, we really need to come to understand what that Amendment claims. 
Did anyone notice that the student’s family did more to break it than did that teacher?
Of course you didn’t. 
Because the only part of the Law that we pay attention to is the part that mentions religion.
That more devestating than five states now allowing so-called “gay marriage”.
Which brings me back to the main point.
Homosexuality is a sin. 
Perhaps as soon as five years from now, you may see me in jail for that statement. 
And why? 
Because of situations like that in California.
Let’s start thinking please.
As Christians, we do have rights- but we should, as Paul was, be willing to give up our rights for the sake of the Gospel (1 Corinthians 8-9).
I do not mean that we forsake the truths of Scripture. I do mean that we speak against things that God despises (abortion, homosexuality, rape, murder, adultry, etc…) but in love recognizing that we are still sinful as well. 
The saying goes that the only difference between me and an unbeliever is Jesus.
So why do we live like we are better than others?
If  (and hopefully when) you speak out against sin around you… be diplomatic about it.
The only reason people should hate you is for what you say, not how you say it.

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