Welcome to America

Welcome to America 

Where all accept our sin

Differing our methods, 
Some blatant, some within,
But really, in the end, 
God’s judgment we will gain.
So this to ask that burning question-
For Judgment, who to blame?
Yes, welcome to America 
Shall I tell you all the ways?
How we’re relative evolutionists 
Denying what God says.
Our culture seems just to ignore
The blessings that He gives,
And all the while telling us
To each his own he lives.
We love our rights, our lives, our freedoms,
So don’t take mine away
And don’t assume that being different
Gives you the right to say
Things against the common “good”
Or just against the “flow”
Of all that we call tolerance
Denying what we know.
Does it stop with those
Who deny His Word and Deed?
Or does it go much farther,
Rejecting every creed?
Our sin is in abortion,
And calling it “OK”
And another thing is common:
The “virtue” of being gay.
Well, welcome to America
The World’s really this way
Tolerance wanted even if
It’s we who go astray.
But what occurs to this end?
Will God judge our laws?
Or has He now to us
Brought these with thus the cause:
The Church of Christ in disarray,
Some hardly see the truth.
We sit back with our lattes tall
Staring at the proof
Christ’s Bride has brought this poor condition
On her promiscuous self.
Maybe, her alone to blame for
Truth exchanged for wealth.
Yes, Prosperity on one side,
Postmodern on the other-
In between, the Fundamentals,
Forgetting one another.
We want riches or our own truth,
Or maybe no intrusion.
We’re all afraid a little grease
Will ruin our pew cushion.
So, “leave your ways of sin” we say
“And join our happy crew!”
Thinking it to be much more than
Jesus between me and you.
It isn’t that these are not sins
(Homosexuality and the rest)
But we all think that we are better
Even better then the best.
Then who to blame for our lives here?
Are we to shift at all?
We have sat silent, to be true
We’ve ignored the needed call.
“Will God judge these laws?” You ask.
“Will He condemn our land?”
What if the sin, the Church committed,
And punishment flows from His hand.
Yes, Welcome to America 
How we love to shift the blame.
Omission and Commission, 
Sin is sin the same.
We waited for trump sound to come
Then we’d crown our king
But complacency has left it’s mark
And in lamenting now we sing.

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