Care Instead

I have said that we need not worry about things of this life that just drag us down. So should we just live life without cares?

This is something that I have been accused of. Many think that because I don’t worry about most things, it means that I don’t care about anything.
I tell you, this is not the case.
I care about a great deal of things (who I will marry, where I will get money for school, car, insurance, bills, etc…) but that’s as far as it goes. I only care about these things.

Here’s the difference.
Caring simply means that you pray about it and let God lead. Worrying goes much farther.
When you worry, you are saying a number of different things.
  1. This is more important than God to me.
  2. If I don’t… (have this, get this, figure this out, pay this off, find this whatever) then I won’t be happy
  3. I will only be joyful as long as this goes according to plan, and
  4. Mine is the only happiness that matters.
So why do we worry? It’s our default mode. We think that we can figure everything out perfectly, so we begin to worry about it when its not in our timing. To be honest, this is quite silly.
Anyway, to get back to the point… we still need to care about what happens. God places cares in our lives in order to change us and move us to prayer. However, with neglecting worry, don’t go so far the other way to say that you won’t care about how you get food, money, clothing, a job, or things of that sort. It is your job (that God gave you) to find these things. Granted, God will at times test you in this (read the biography of George Mueller for more insight in this matter) but we are not to be stupid in our faith saying, “I’ll just get rid of everything I own so that God can really show His worth!” 
No, God set us here to be fruitful and multiply… I think (in addition to the sexual meaning of the phrase) that means that we are to provide for ourselves in whatever context that God has planned for us…
Don’t worry, be happy… but don’t be stupid about it.

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