Don’t Worry

What is faith?

At our most recent Atmosphere: Movie and Theology we discussed the need to care about certain issues in life, but not worry about them. For instance- Jesus told his followers to not be concerned with what they would wear or eat (Matthew 6:25-34) but elsewhere, we are told to be good stewards of what we have been given, which means that we must care about them.
You can also look back at what Proverbs has to say in regards to the lazy person:
“The sluggard says, ‘There is a lioin outside! I shall be killed in the streets!” (Prov. 22:13)
Essentially, what is going on here is that the guy is afraid of everything and so weighed down with worry, that he stays inside all day.
There are some modern day “lions” that keep us off the street-
A dad working so much that he misses the life of his family because “we won’t have any money left otherwise”.
A family that stops giving to their Church for the same reason.
Or how about a little more extreme?
You stop flying after September 11.
You don’t drive (in tunnels at least) after the tunnel collapses that you have heard about.
You stop taking the Subway because there is a potential epidemic (like the one that stopped you from eating peanut butter a few months ago, and the one that made you shoot your birds a few years before that).
For whatever reason, you just don’t do something because you think that you will die if you do it.
Let me say that there are legitimate concerns behind each of these (except for most of them)…
No, really if we are taking what Jesus said in Matthew 6, which is echoed multiple times in Scripture, as truth, then why worry? Enough people in this world stress out about enough things already (believe me, I work in a Pharmacy!) as Christians, shouldn’t we have a bit more hope than others?
Please, don’t worry, our hope is found in Christ.

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