Love for Theology

In studying the book of Galatians for our up coming sermon series on it this summer, I have been reading some books and commentaries on the Epistle and the Church itself.

I love this stuff! It is so interesting to find things out about the Church, Paul, Salvation, you name it.
But then it dawned on me– Am I loving this for the right reason?
There must be good reasons behind loving Theological study. More often then not, my reasons are not good at all. In my correction of people it is my pride that drives my love, and in general study, it is my desire for an accurate handling of the text that drives my love. What about Jesus? Shouldn’t He be the one behind my love for study?
In order to understand fully what God has revealed in His Word, I must look to Christ first and be humbled by His grace to the point that I never think of myself as being above the text.
This is hard.
It is my prayer that Christ, and not my mind, be the center.

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