blessings through curses

Isn’t it amazing how God can take something that is totally and completely horrible and make it into a new, completely beautiful blessing? Take, for instance, the sin of Adam and Eve at the fall. They were to be punished with death, pain, suffering, toil, and overall a loss of the joy of fellowship with the Almighty. But there are hidden blessings through all of this, I can think of three right away.

By the sweat of your face…

Sweat is one of those things that nobody actually likes. But what if God never gave us this? If we were to do any physical labor with out this, we would die of heat exhaustion. However, God gave us the ability to sweat- which cools us down when we are hot! I don’t know about you, but that is an amazing gift that I would have never came up with.

…you shall eat your bread…

Notice that whenever God tells us that something is going to hurt or be difficult He always gives great joy in and through it. This is something I just noticed recently while remodeling my room. We had severe mold issues in our house, and the only option (outside of moving) was to remove the damaged walls, carpet, and floor, and get them replaced. This was a long, hard, tiresome week for my friends and me. But it’s (for the most part) done, and I am sitting at my desk looking around at the beautiful new floor and unpainted walls thinking- if it had not been for that tiresome, laborius task, I would not be able to sit here with the joyful sense of completion that I have now. My joy is in Christ first, so it is wrong for it to lessen in the face of pain. But my joy can increase when Christ brings a great blessing such as this completed room- and because I have been given a memory, I can look back at what God has seen me through and never have my joy decreased!

Till you return to the ground…

Death is a great gift from God. When man sinned, God made sure that he could no longer live eternally. If he (we) had, then we would always be dying, but never die (not unlike the sinner’s state in hell). But God gave us death. And for the believer in Christ, that is great hope! Through death, we are reunited with our savior and other believers from before. Through death, we have final peace. And if I remember correctly, it was through death that we were saved in the first place, and the promise of a resurrection was given after that death.

…and of this He has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead.

Acts 17:31


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