The Church- God’s Melting Pot

My past few blogs have been a challenge for us to serve locally as frequent and as willingly as we do in foreign contexts. But we don’t all have the same passions? For instance, a friend of mine has a true heart for our neighboring city’s downtown. Meanwhile, another has always had a heart for the poor, orphaned, and oppressed around the world. Still, many others I know of have the heart and desire to serve in Equador, China, and many other countries. So which do we do? 


Pick one, do them all

What I mean is, That is why Jesus built the Church! If He had meant for us to all have the same gifts, callings and desires, then Paul would never have written what became 1 Corinthians 12, and all the believers from Jerusalem would have gone with Him on His missionary journeys. But we know that is not the case. We desparately need each other to grow, serve and send all in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord. So what does that look like?

God gave you a calling. Fulfill it! Jesus saved the Church for a purpose. Live it! We must, as a Church, recognize individual callings (so long as they are obviously from the Spirit), build up, equip, and pray for those who are called, then send them with our blessing. It is a beautiful thing when the Church works together like this. We can then, and only then, serve Christ the way that He has called us to. Serve as individual members that are dependant upon the Spirit and one another for accomplishing the goals set before you.

So to those who are called locally, serve under your Church in a local context. To those called internationally, serve under your Church to the people to which you have been called. In either case, we must be serving, being accountable to, and loving our local Church (which sent us) and the global Church (to which we also belong) and to Christ (who is our head).


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