Biblical Manhood

In his Father’s Day message yesterday, our pastor (Roger Cousineau) said:

“There is nothing better for a woman than a real man”

That has been reinforced to me many times by many pastors. It is my prayer that when I become a husband and father I will be able to look at my father, other men around me, and most importantly, the Bible to find out who I need to be.

In the pursuit of that, I have heard many great sermons on biblical manhood- I would encourage every man out there (father, husband, son, grandfather, brother, uncle, everyone!) to glean from these:

Marriage and Men by Mark Driscoll

Men and Masculinity by Mark Driscoll

Being a Man by Josh Cousineau

Defining Masculinity, Men as Husbands, and Men as Fathers by Matt Chandler (go down to August of 2007 to find and download these and see the PDFs)

There are countless more than these, but these have been the ones that have helped the most!



2 thoughts on “Biblical Manhood

  1. Josh Cousineau July 6, 2009 / 20:13

    Hey I’m in your blog, how cool is that! LOL

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