Independance Day

Just a short blurb (or rant) really because Twitter only gives you 140 characters…

(Small disclaimer first!) I’m not un-patriotic. I love our country. I support our troops. I like our freedom. I don’t wish for any of these to go away, indeed, God has ordained these things to be, so who am I to question them? But I do long for American Christians to put things into perspective.

As believers, we have greater freedom than any other American in this nation ever has. Freedom in Christ is much greater than freedom from the oppression of the British Empire. In fact, I would take taxation without representation over being enslaved to sin any day. That should be the essence of our message to others this day, and every day to come: if we were still under the British, if we were still the 13 colonies, if the War for Independance never happened, chances are- we would still have the opportunity to be believers in Christ. Our freedom in this land has been great, but it is nothing compared to Jesus. Along with that, we need to understand that as Christians, our freedom does not mean independance. This is a very different message than what America says. Our society has ruined our view of this. In being free in Christ, we become dependent on Him and those that He has placed around us.

Back to Christ

So if we are alive in Christ, we are more concerned about the advancement of His kingdom than of the American kingdoms of the economy, sex, capitalism, and the government. As believers, it is good to be concerned with the nation we are in (in fact we’re commanded to pray for our leaders) but Christ, and not politics and money, must consume our thoughts and desires. I fear that as we carry on in this life, we are becoming more and more centered on that which does not matter. Let’s focus on Christ and His will. We can rejoice in independence as a nation, but let us desire togetherness as believers.

We are not independent, we are dependent on Christ. Let’s live as such.


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