Resources on fleeing sexual sin

I can’t just leave off by saying cut it out… there need to be options for leaving.

I’ll start with the easy ones–

For the sweet little “Christian” girl sleeping with her boyfriend my advice would be to leave relationship if he is not a believer, and tell him no if he is a believer. If he refuses to stop sleeping with you– then leave the relationship, there are many more men out there that will be willing to treat you like the woman that you are, and you, as a daughter of the King, deserve more than scum like him. Driscoll has a great sermon on this called: I Was A Wall.

For guys struggling, I would suggest checking out my list of resources on Biblical Manhood. These sources really give you a good basis for being a true Christian man.

Lastly, pornography is a huge (secret) issue within the Church. I have heard of a few ministries out there, but my favorite would be that of Pastor Craig Gross and his ministry team have devoted their lives to helping people crucify their sin and devote themselves to the service of God. They have software that keeps you accountable on all of your web browsing, and countless other resources.


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