Road Trip!!!

Today marks the beginning of my trip to Gaithersburg, Maryland for the 2009 Worship God conference. My good friend Cody Degraff and I are accompanying three others from our Church family on the 12 hour drive south. That’s right! 12 hours! It promises to be a great time- here are some of the main reasons that I am looking forward to this trip.

  1. Chances are, Cody and I won’t need to do much driving. The others coming with us are all older than us and more experienced drivers. I will definately not turn down the opportunity to drive, but won’t neccessarily ask to! This will give me pleanty of time to relax (hopefully) and maybe listen to a few sermons on the way down and back up (my goal is the eight that are in my iPod)!
  2. In addition to relaxing a bit on the way there, I can also rest without much besides get re-focused on truly living in worship of God. This will be great because, quite honestly I have been off-centered for a while and could use adjustment!
  3. It will also be a great time to catch up with Cody, who (even though he is in my small group) I haven’t really conversed with much lately.
  4. John Piper
  5. C.J. Mahaney
  6. Bob Kauflin

I think that’s about it! Meanwhile, you can follow my tweets: or even Cody (lead singer of A Beautiful Oblivion and fellow worship leader at Atmosphere Church): as we carry on this venture!


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