Piper Quotes

As Worship God 09 is near its close, I’ve decided to post some of my favorite quotes (that I wrote down) from the sessions that I attended. This will in no way do any amount of justice to the sessions or the speakers, and if you would like a better recap and outline of the sessions, I would suggest the blog of Mike Ruel as he did daily recaps during the conference. Actually, you should just follow his blog anyway- because he has a lot of great things to say…

John Piper

Piper spoke at two sessions (both very good, both very focused on the glory of God in our joy in Him– shocking right?). This time though, the main theme though was that we don’t have anything to bring to worship- we are empty needing filling! And only God can fill us and worship must be through His Word. So, my favorite:

There isn’t any greater foundation (for worship) than “Great is the Lord and Greatly to be praised!”

In regard to our focus in worship at the cross:

Before the cross can be for our sake, it must be for God’s sake.

In response to the question, “What would set right all the obvious wrongs in the world?”

An eternal hell for all the sins of the universe would set things right.

And, “How is Jesus requiring worship of Him to be considered love?”

This is love because the only eternal happiness for man is one focused on the face of Christ… In order for God to take me there (to that happiness) He must uphold His glory! …God acting to uphold His glory is acting in love.

A life of worship has the potential of exposing people to what they were made for.

My understanding of worship is that it is music without the music.

And of course…

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him!

Lead 09


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