Purswell and Anyabwile Quotes

After Piper, the question soon becomes, “well who can top that?” These next two may not have topped Piper, but they resonated the same truth that he brought forth. (As last night, Mike’s blog is a good one for a real recap).

Jeff Purswell

This wonderful speaker is the guy who was responsible for editting down Grudem’s systematic theology to the medium size book (of 600 pages). He’s one smart cookie. He was also passionate for equiping the leaders of worship with the right theology and not just methodology. In his words: Theology precedes methodology.

We won’t know how to serve unless we understand the nature of worship… (and in prayer) may our worship be transformed by your word!

To be the Church is by definition to worship God together.

All true worship is in response to God. (meaning- God speaks, we delight in His Word)

There is nothing more central to Christian worship than preaching the Word… Throughout salvation history God’s Word is at the center of worship. (Then proceeded to speak of Moses with the Law and Nehemiah and Ezra with their reading of the Law to the people and their worship through it)

When God’s Word is faithfully preached- God is addressing us.

And the culmination of the message, and possibly the greatest quote of the week-

Worship does not take us into God’s presence. The substitutionary work of Christ Jesus on the Cross takes us into God’s presence.

Then, the next morning:

Thabati Anyabwile

I had only heard of this man before- but never heard him speak. His words resonated well with DeYoung and Kluck’s book on the Church as well as Josh Harris’ book. Thabiti spoke on the Church of Worship and 5 reasons to love the Church asking the question- Do you see any connection between your spiritual life and the local assembly?

5 Reasons to love the Church:

  1. It is God’s workmanship
  2. We need to be cared for
  3. We need to be equiped and matured
  4. We need God’s grace
  5. We need God’s love

Good things Thabiti said on the Church and the world:

It’s interesting how the fall echoes in the minds of believers as an indictment against God… There is a constant crescendo of, “God, You don’t know what you’re doing!”

(paraphrased) The proper response of the Church towards herself is, “Oh my God! How beautiful is the Church!”

The Christian who is most dangerous to himself is the Christian who has removed himself from the Church… To reject the Church is to take one’s own spiritual life.

God seeks to reform the strains of individualism. Christianity is not a self help religion- we are built up by one another!

If we love Christ, we will love His body.

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