Mahaney and Kauflin Quotes

At the Conclusion of the Worship God 09 conference were these godly men. Words cannot express how God has blessed them, and how He blessed us through their words. (Mike Tackled all of day three here.)

C.J. Mahaney

No introduction necessary except to say that his session was an interview format with Jeff Purswell asking him and Bob some deep questions in regards to ministry.

Don’t mention the cross without reminding people of what it means.

You’re not just serving with your skill. You are serving with your soul.

We don’t want to build a church that is know for its creativity… Illustrations have a place- but they must be subordinate to the text.

If your understanding of the Person and the work of the Holy Spirit does not include planning then you’re dumb.

Never leave the impressiong in worship that we are without the need of a mediator.

Bob Kauflin

Bob was the Emcee if you will. So he had some funny moments (many “you had to be there”… sorry). But he was also a great speaker of truth for everyone.

In regards to everyone who is serving in ministry-

These words that I am singing are more important than the instrument I am playing… If we are looking towards [Christ] our faces will be radiant.

Then, he had his own session where he discussed the importance of passing the faith and knowledge of true worship on from generation to generation (the theme of the conference):

How do we pass on the Biblical values of Worship to the coming generation when we can’t sing in the same room as them. (Personally- one of my most favorite quotes of the week. How many of our churches split between older and newer ways of singing?)

We can’t exalt the deeds of the Lord and our own deeds at the same time.

For more on the subject of worship, I would suggest Bob’s book Worship Matters– always a great pick!

Also, C.J. Mahaney has two great one’s that help recenter your focus on the Cross- Living the Cross Centered Life and, Humility

Lead 09


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