It is a terrible, yet beneficial thing to read the newspaper in the morning. Beneficial, because you become an informed citizen. Terrible because you see all the awful and stupid things in this world. In light of this, I was once again disturbed this morning.


I love the comics. Indeed, it is the only section of the newspaper that I spend time reading. The rest I just skim and read if a headline catches my eye. That happened just this morning when I was going through the front section of the paper (just under the weather). I saw that there was a man that was so upset about his favorite comic book character proposing to the “wrong girl” that he decided to sell his vintage first edition issue #1 of that comic book series- in protest. The book sold for well over $3,000 and represented the attitudes of hundreds (or maybe just the ten or so) people that cared about this book.

Really? The fate of this comic is really that important that you will protest its publishing?

Not just the comics

Notice that this happens elsewhere in the world of news in different ways- peoples lives are so controlled by what they love that they will make a huge stink that will go nation wide just so that their will will be done. What it ultimately boils down to is a worship issue. Our hearts are not in the right place. I say our because it happens to us as well. Look at the morning paper- what is the biggest concern? What gets the most attention? Is your sports section as big as the section that has everything from politics to world events? Yes, I am attacking the world of sports. In addition to this person caring so much about his comic book, we have entire sections dedicated to worshiping our human gods who run fast, through far, and hit hard. We also worship our stuff and relationships- this is seen in the vastness of the classified section. What is wrong with this world?

Refocus your worship

We cannot call the world into correction on this- they are not the ones that are supposed to know better. But as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we need to know where our worship should be directed. So what is the point of most of your conversations? Do you, as a believer in Christ, share the same ultimate concerns as the world? When “Papi” came out about his steroid usage- were you more concerned for his name, his reputation, the Sox winning? Or were you concerned with the fact that he has made claims to being a follower of Christ and then was sold out to this sin?

We all need to check ourselves- what is our obvious focus? Is it Christ? or who won the SuperBowl? Is it God’s glory? or the fact that this comic strip has ruined your hopes and dreams?

…avoid irreverent babble, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness…

2 Timothy 2.16

Lead 09


One thought on “Idolatry

  1. john guy August 15, 2009 / 14:46

    It saddens me to think that the Big pappi may have sold out to sin. I also need to point out as well as many people worship their job. God is the one that will undoubtably judge us for all of our sins. I myself am far from perfect. But as we live our lives according to Christ, we win. I do agree that the comic book was kinda dumb.
    Love ya son, keep up the good work.

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