August Reading

Well, August has come and gone, and I have been trudging along with reading. I actually completed four books this month, which makes me happy, but I’m still behind that goal of 60 for the year. Truth be told, with these four, I’m only up to 33 so far!

Anyway, here are the four:

Jesus Loves You…This I Know by Craig Gross and Jason Harper

As I said yesterday this book was a great read. I am refreshed to find people who genuinely love God and want to see His work done! It was especially great to read that Craig has a heart for religious people and those who are spreading the message of hatred in the name of Christ. Let that never be us. As I did say, however, there are just a few parts that are iffy (more so with Harper’s writing) but overall- the true message of the cross is proclaimed- the love of God is shown- and Christ is proclaimed.

What Is a Healthy Church Member? (IX Marks) by Thabiti Anyabwile

The answer is: not me. This quick read (and self proclaimed sequel to Joshua Harris’ book Stop Dating the Church) is extremely challenging when it comes to what we are supposed to be as Church members. Most importantly, we are to be praying- even (or especially) if we are in disagreement with what’s being taught. If I had the resources, I would buy a copy for every member of my Church and have it be a re-training manual for their involvement.

Consequences of Ideas by R.C. Sproul

I’m reading this for school (trying to get ahead) and will most likely read it a second time through before the year ends. It is slightly dry, but has been a good book to get me acquainted with what major philosophical ideas have come out over the years. So, really, if you are looking for a way to learn the basics of Philosophy outside of school- this would be the best read for you.

Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck

They did it again! These are the guys who told us why they are not emergent- and they followed up splendidly by telling us to go back to Church and accept her (as Christ does) with all her flaws and weird habits. DeYoung and Kluck are brutally honest about some things that they don’t like about the Church and tell us that the answer isn’t found by leaving the organization, but by sticking with it as Christ set it up. Read this book- read their first one too. Read their blogs.

That’s all- don’t know what is coming next month!


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