September Reading

For the two of you that are keeping up with my reading this year, you’ll be sad to hear that I have failed miserably to keep up this month. I actually forgot that it was the end of the month until I saw Abraham Piper‘s tweet a few minutes ago, and as I am at school waiting for my evening class, I figured I would write this up!

Indeed, I got through one book, and it is one that I started reading two months ago. Woot!

Only one, but it was great!

That book was The Pleasures of God by John Piper. If you know anything about John Piper, you know that he really enjoys quoting Edwards and utilizing the phrase, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him”.

I love that phrase, and it comes out in every chapter of this book. So instead of sharing with you a summary of the book (as that quote is in and of itself a summary), I’ll just say that his chapter on God’s Pleasure in the Election of the Saints and his Appendix: Are there two Wills of God are quite possibly the best I have read on the doctrine of Election. If you are ever confused about this doctrine, get the book and read those chapters!

For now, I will continue to read at a slow pace because school is in full swing and we have cool things coming up with Atmosphere (such as Lead 09 next week!) that will otherwise draw my attention away.


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