Lead09 Starts Today!

For all who missed it, Lead09 (a Gospel | Community conference put on by Atmosphere Church) begins today at noon. If you are joining us, we can’t wait to see you! It will be great to hear from Tim Chester and Jonathan Dodson

If you miss it:

No worries, there are still ways to benefit from this excellent conference:

Live Feed

There will be a live feed on-line during all of the main sessions. There you can watch, chat, and you will also be able to ask questions and participate in the actual sessions. Yours truly will be signed in and I will be able to take some questions and ask them after the sessions. If you are bored at home, or sad that you are missing the conference, click on http://www.livestream.com/lead09 and you’ll be able to watch it!


There will be a number of us tweeting the conference and such (using the hash tag: #Lead09) during the two days, you can follow us all:

Josh Cousineau | Me | Tim Sewall | Atmosphere Church | Alyssa Martin | Kyle Hausman | Matt Grise | Bill Legere | Mark Gedicks

And you can follow the tweets at http://twubs.com/lead09

Messages on-line

If you miss both of those chances, there is still the ability to listen to all of the sessions (main and breakout) we will have them posted soon after the conference is over at http://www.atmospherechurch.com/lead09. We’ll announce it via twitter when they are all up.

So that’s all! I hope you can enjoy and benefit from this conference any way possible, we sure will!


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