Lead is over!

If you were following my tweets from this weekend, you know it was a great time of hearing the Word of God at Atmosphere Church. This weekend was Lead 09 and we had the amazing opportunity to have Tim Chester and Jonathan Dodson speak to us about the Gospel and it’s implications for community and mission. But you may already know that from my previous post and massive amount of twitter updates!

My recap

It is 10:56 pm on Saturday night (and all who are reading are saying “go to bed!!”). I am headed to bed soon, but couldn’t let this sit. I had the great opportunity to man the live feed of the main sessions to everyone who tuned in online to watch. I also was privileged with leading the band for today’s worship singing. We played a morning set, an evening set, and the band (minus our phenomenal, humble bass player, Carl Brooks) played the Atmosphere service this evening. So, needless to say, I was busy!

I need grace

I thought I was doing pretty well this weekend. I was thinking, “This is great! These messages are so true and needed!” I cannot recall a time when I was thinking, “Oh, so and so needs this message.” I was legitimately blessed with these talks. Then, I was hit a massive blow.

See, God had already helped me depend on Him greatly by giving me a cold since last Thursday. My daily prayer leading up to the conference was, “God, I need your grace to guide me and enable me to sing and lead this band!” But I had not been guarding my conversations over the past three days. This is true to the extent that two separate (Christ appointed) people approached me and asked if there was something I was mad at them about!

What? Mad?!?!

I was confused! But then I realized that I had been (unwittingly) stressed out about what was going on and it came out against these two (dearly loved) friends. I was heart-broken that I had come across that way. I couldn’t make excuses or blame it on fatigue, it was solely my ugly sinful nature showing through.

Why I need community

THAT IS WHY!!! I need people to tell me that I am in the wrong and am treating others in a manner that I should never treat people in! I have a great group of Gospel-centered friends, but sometimes they miss it, or I put on a mask around them, whatever it is, community fails. The funny (or ironic rather) thing about this is that this is what the conference was about! I was so busy thinking that I was doing a good job that I neglected the needs of my friends.


So, to end, if I hurt you in a way that I responded to you this weekend (or if that ever happens) please, do what my friends did: approach me on it! If I haven’t sought forgiveness, it either means I didn’t even realize it or I am being too stubborn to care and I need people to correct me. That is what this body, this family, this community, this Church is about. We build each other up, even if it means that we tear things down around each other’s hearts.

Thank you for reading my jaunt. My Christ be glorified for this spectacular weekend!


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