Thank yous are in order…

As mentioned yesterday, Lead 09 was amazing! I hope that anyone who missed it can enjoy the recorded sessions.

But before I continue on with standard Death Nor Life posts, I believe we need to thank some people who were responsible for this being great. Many people I mention will not read this (or any other posts) but they MUST be mentioned for the work they did for the Gospel this weekend:

The obvious

It is obvious, but I must say, “Thank you Lord God our Father for this conference and the ability we all had to join together to worship Christ as a body united by the Spirit. May we follow you as a grand community even as we are apart. Thank you.”

With that said, I hope I don’t forget anyone! (If I do, I apologize and am deeply grateful for your service!)

And also, Thanks to Tim Chester and Jonathan Dodson for coming up to liberal New England to share the Gospel with us!

Local Pastors:

Mark Gedicks, Josh Otte, Josh Cousineau,  Bill Legere, Matt Grise: your wisdom, planning, guidance, grace, and leadership were on great display this weekend. Thank you for being faithful to our Savior.

And I thank all of your wives: Tracy, Heidi, Anna, Teresa, Katie: for putting up with your husbands absences on so many occasions during this meanwhile supporting them greatly! They are truly blessed men to have you all behind them!

Roger Cousineau, Tim Howard, Tim Nixon, Robin Warren, Barry Murry and many, many others: thank you for your participation in sending your congregations to join with us. Lead would have been empty in many ways without you joining us!

Worship Bands:

Thanks Mike (I keep forgetting your last name) and the Djembe player from Windham Baptist Church for giving up your weekend to serve in such a great way! I look forward to working together some day soon!

To my amazing team! Joel Marchand and his wife Sarah– they are wonderful friends of mine and are great and patient with me! Thank you for that! Cody DeGraff– again, you are patient as well, even when things are not going as planned; Ryan Hausman- a phenomenal drummer ladies and gentlemen- one whom I often have the privilege of serving with. And last, but certainly among the greatest: Carl Brooks, who is probably the most humble man you will meet (and he may not see this), and the greatest non-bass playing bassist you will meet. Carl agreed to playing in the team less than three weeks before Lead 09, and pulled off some great, Spirit led bass playing! Thank you all!

Techy guys:

Perhaps the most thankless bunch of guys (and girls) you will encounter. But did you see how the stage and all worked so well!??!

Ramsey Tripp: Great coordination and leadership with everything you did, you have patience beyond me! Josh Cousineau (again) for coordinating everything with the live feed and the twub and then entrusting it to me. My great friend, Kyle Hausman for being a faithful wing man to Ramsey and seeing things through to completion AND staying with me through the end of Atmosphere Saturday evening (love ya man!). Efra (need I put his last name???) great work at the board, getting the bands set up and all (and thanks for dinner on Wednesday!). Mike Martin: you are the man. That’s all I need to say! (actually, this guy was of great service all day Saturday, thanks man!). Leah Lemlin- great job with the video! And, lastly for this section, Alyssa Martin– your patience with us fickle Music guys was great! I am always thankful for your service to the Church, and you are always great to work with, thank you!

Many other volunteers!

Audrey Bailey, Joe (I forgot his last name!), Jerry and Ruth Goding, Tara Smith, Randi Marble, Jen Legere, and I am most likely forgetting a few… but you were all A GREAT HELP TO THIS RUNNING AS SMOOTHLY AS IT DID!! Even though it may have seemed as if you didn’t do much, believe me you did!

Office Staff:

Sarah McNelly (she, as always, did a great deal to see this through!), Liz Libbey, Alma Pace, Diane Palmer, Barry Drake, Randy Corey, Marc Casavant: you all were wonderful to have around helping out in preparation for this weekend. Whether it was with finances, scheduling rooms, answering questions, or just doing seemingly mundane tasks, you did them with joy. Thank you!

Two more special thanks:

First is the man responsible for me being able leave Friday night and get home to sleep: Mark Neal was HUGE behind the scenes setting up rooms, coordinating the sanctuary setup, and numerous other things. This man is faithful and does all things with joy. He is a great asset to our Church family.

Second, is my close and personal friend Tim Sewall (the occasional second author at this blog). Tim, although he denies helping at all, was of great service to us all. He did everything from encouraging, to shopping, to giving rides, etc. And if nothing else, he was there and willing to serve joyfully. Thanks man.

So that is all. Conferences like these take many, many people working together and it was wonderful to have everyone there to help. Thanks everyone!


One thought on “Thank yous are in order…

  1. Matt Wallace October 12, 2009 / 16:09

    Add applause here…..

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