What a morning!

Do you ever have those mornings that just start your day off really great? That was today.

Upon arriving at school, I opened up my google reader to see my blog roll. I proceeded to read Abraham Piper’s post about this pastor who is burning books. As I was reading, I shared the story with Pastor Phil of South Portland First Baptist Church. If you have never met Pastor Phil, you need to come to SPFBC right now so that you can. He is one of the most honest, humble people I know.

What Pastor Phil said

Whatever emotion you might feel about the above article, I think Phil’s response was possibly the best (I’ll try to remember it all).

He said that it is sad how twisted the Church has become with our dealings with others. Even if the books being burned weren’t Christian ones, there still should be respect. Continuing his (amazing) mini-sermon, he brought up the book of Luke, and how Luke talks about John the Baptist. Phil talked about how John preached a repentance to all- as we should do now- and also called the leaders of the nation to God. That is our charge from God- to call people to repent. (This reminded me of something that John Piper once said concerning abortion). We wont necessarily change culture, politics, schools, or anything of that sort, but we will be faithful to God and by serving this way, help grow the Church to be the bride she must.

So it was a loving challenge that God just put into my life this morning. It was all stuff I knew before, but it was good to hear it said from someone else.

It gets better…

In continuing the reading of my blogs, I came across Kevin DeYoung (think, Why We’re Not Emergent). He posted a great reflective prayer of praise that goes through the Bible looking at the stories of the people of God and what he brought them through. It was a joy to read. Then, I read what Winfield Bevins from the Resurgence had to say about Small Groups and some land mines that tend to occur. It is something I intend to use in our ministry at Atmosphere Church.

Speaking of Atmosphere, I’m off to finish my work from yesterday. I know that was probably incoherent at points, and I hope that it was at least half the blessing to you as it was to me.


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