Time to emerge

I saw this post at Mike Wittmer’s blog yesterday and then proceeded to put it on facebook. It was a great one to show where the emergent church is headed. We know that they are dead and dying (I heard one person say the Emergent Church would be gone in 5 years… they’ll just lose popularity because people will want truth).

I hope it’s true! Because they are half of what is killing the body.

The other half are those who are holding to tradition for tradition’s sake.

Let’s hold to Christ, the true Christ!

The Alpha the Omega- beginning, end.

So what do we do? I like what my friend Ira Hall commented:

While sad, the church will always emerge. The foundational truth of God’s Word will always come out and the true church will always call people to the redemptive work of Christ. It is sad that there are those more enamored with being culturally relevant or hip, but the church will emerge from between those who hold blindly to tradition and those who blindly destroy orthodoxy, and the Body of Christ, founded in the inerrant Word of God will “emerge” victorious.

Can I please get a hearty AMEN to that! We, the Bride of Christ- the truly redeemed- WILL emerge victorious from this battle. Christ will pull us through by His Spirit and Truth found in the perfect Word of God!



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