It’s not official…

…until it’s on facebook.

Right? That’s something I have heard many times, especially this past week as I began dating Emmalie, a wonderful girl that I met at school this year.

As I was driving home from school last night (with two passengers who were dead to the world) I was thinking over, well, everything, and in the process of my thoughts, I remembered that phrase regarding facebook. I began to wonder about the veracity of it. Consider this: if our “relationship status” changed to “in a relationship” on-line but we never acted like it in person, would people call us liars? Or, if we acted like we were dating when we were around each other, but never changed that status- would people believe that we were together?

I hope you see where I’m going with this…

As I hope you know by now, I’m not into talking about myself too much on this blog- instead, I kind of want to prove a point here. How many of you are “Christians” on facebook? What does that even mean? Ok, so you don’t like the title Christian and you’ve changed it to “Follower of Christ”, “I’m nothing without my savior”, or you’re like me and you put: “By grace I have been saved, through faith, not by works, I cannot boast”. But does it even matter what I say about myself on-line?

Conversely, if I proclaim that I believe in Christ, but never change my facebook status to reflect that belief, would you think less of me or not consider me a Christian?

While at the Gospel Coalition conference this past April, I heard Tim Challies say that we need to be the same person in real life as on-line. Is that true for you? Does your blog, twitter account, facebook, or that outdated thing called myspace profess your belief in Christ while you neglect Him daily? Or are you professing belief daily in person but putting on a rude, judgmental, and accusatory face while on-line?

This shouldn’t be

We who profess belief in Christ have the responsibility to show that everyday. Yes, we are in a very social media oriented age, but this doesn’t remove from the fact that we need to show Christ’s love and His Word to everyone. Actually, we should be more intentional with our postings and on-line conversations in light of how media oriented we are now.

So if you blog, blog for Jesus- don’t waste our time with mindless ramblings, instead, edify the body.

If you tweet, use your account and updates for the glory of Christ (I need help here). It’s been said before, nobody wants or needs to know what you had for breakfast or when you are taking a shower.

If you’re on facebook or myspace: “Abstain from every form of evil” (1 Thess. 5.22)- don’t let it look like you aren’t in Christ- avoid even the appearance of evil.


If your “Religious Views” is set to “Christian” on-line but you never act like it in person, can I call you a hypocrite? If you acted like a believer in person, but never showed it by reforming your use of social media, should I believe you?


2 thoughts on “It’s not official…

  1. Emmalie October 30, 2009 / 10:31

    Very true, Jakob! Thanks for blogging about that 🙂

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