So, now what?

As I posted yesterday, how we live (and act while on our social media pages) really matters if you are proclaiming faith in Christ. As I was contemplating this, I remembered this short video:

How do we show that we believe in Christ? True, we must preach the Gospel, but as “Father Fearless” said, our deeds must coincide with our words. (As mentioned, James said it first).

What does it look like?

Maybe calling up someone whom you know you’ve offended- and humbly apologizing.

Maybe inviting your rejected neighbors and fellow Church members to dinner and fellowship.

Maybe actually praying for people when you say you will.

Maybe picking up that hitchhiker, and telling him why you did.

Maybe giving money to the panhandler standing out in the cold, or better yet, talking to him, buying him some food, sharing with him the life changing Gospel even though you know of his possible history.

Isn’t that what Jesus did?

If you refuse…

Harm won’t come to you. You won’t necessarily get deathly ill or lose everything if you don’t reach out to people who need it. You might be a Christian, we can’t really prove that to be true or false. But if you proclaim faith in Christ (simple fire insurance for most people) what reason have you to not serve others? I have been struck countless times by the words of Jesus in Matthew 18.21-35. Are you giving up what you have been given in order to bless others? Or are you hording your blessings. Are you a Christian? Or do you just like giving other Christians a bad name by your actions?


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