October’s Reading

This month, I finally finished two books I have been trying to finish for the past two months!

First, D.A. Carson’s book: The Cross and Christian Ministry. This was an excellent exposition of a few chapters in 1 Corinthians. Carson discusses how we as Christians must be living in light of the cross of Christ and not rejecting His Word. I would highly suggest this to (and probably buy it for) anyone headed into Christian leadership. The best part was his exposition of chapters 8 and 9 (chapter 5 in the book). Here, he talks about what a world Christian looks like- how we are bound by the law of Christ, and not man’s law.

Second, I have been reading True for You, But Not for Me: Overcoming Objections to Christian Faith by Paul Copan. This has been very complimentary to the Philosophy class that I have been taking. Copan gets into what different Philosophers taught and how to respond (graciously and intelligently) to people with objections to our faith. These objections, unfortunately, are coming from more than just those outside the faith (as I talked about a few days ago).

Lord Willing, I’ll be reading a few more books this month. Thanks for coming along!


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