As Christians

My post yesterday may have confused people. Some may think that I am not voting today, or that I am voting no on Question 1 (a question concerning Gay Marriage). Please note, I am voting. I will be voting “yes” (to repeal gay marriage).

When I said America isn’t a Christian nation, I meant it. That is how Jesus set things up. Jesus is the Lord, Savior, and King of all. It is the Kingdom of Heaven- Christ’s Kingdom- that will reign in the end and not any of this world. Christians were never told by our Lord to set up a “Christian” government with “Christian” teachings and “Christian” Ethics. Instead, we have been commanded to be living in the world while not being tainted by it.

The Kingdom

Jesus didn’t call us to make the nations “Christian”. He called us to live lives of holiness and to go out to make disciples from all nations- to bring his elect to Christ and His Church. We must preach his Word, testify to the truth as He did, and call people to repent. But it is not our responsibility to make those who don’t believe live according to the Scriptures.

So what does that mean for His Kingdom? In John 6.15, the Jews came and tried to make Jesus their King. They were going to start a riot and over throw the Romans. Smart plan. This reminds me of those who advocate for Jesus to be president. Have you seen those bumper stickers (or books?) You see, there is a way for Jesus to lead in our nations without us having “Christian morals” in our politics. If the Church, the bride of Christ, is living and preaching as she should, there will be a change. Nations will still hate Christians (look at China and many other places in this world) but the love of Christ will permeate the world through His Church.

Thus, Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world (John 18.35-37). He wanted us to realize that we must be concerned about guarding our life and doctrine so that we might save ourselves and others (1 Tim. 4.16). It’s vital that we, the Church start living like Jesus.

Why I’m Voting Yes

Although it is not a Christian nation we live in, it is a Democratic Republic. The people of America have a say in what the law tells us. This is a greatĀ privilege, and a mighty curse. A privilege because the Church gets the opportunity to stand for truth. A curse because if the Church is failing in her life and doctrine, none will be affected by that truth. At the end of His discourse with Pilate in John 18, Jesus says that He came to testify to the truth. That is our job as the Church. If we lived in a place where we didn’t have the right to guide the nation’s laws, we would still be expected to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2) and disobey un-Godly laws (Romans 12.18- be at peace so far as it depends on you: if the law creates friction, let there be friction).

But we live in the United States of America. We have the right to vote and guide our laws. As Christians, we need to take that right. Homosexuality is a sin and should be preached against (beginning at the pulpit) and marriage should remain as God made it. One man, one woman.

Vote Well.


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