Our (renewed) Job

Unless you are living under a rock (or outside of Maine) you know that last week Mainers (again) put the Gay Marriage issue to vote- and it was rejected; Maine still has not legalized Gay Marriage, for which I rejoice. There are probably a few reasons why the “Yes on One” campaign succeeded in keeping marriage between one man and one woman, but the biggest reason is most likely that Conservative Evangelicals (and many Catholics as well) pushed really hard to keep our “traditional values”. It was a good push, but now what?

Another Job

My buddy Matt updated his facebook status last week (and got a bit of praise and a bit of crap for it) to read: “Matt is thinking that if the Church put as much time, effort, energy and passion into proclaiming Jesus Christ as they did in passing this vote how much greater might heaven be someday?”

Never a truer word.

As I mentioned last week (before and during the vote) our job as the Church is not to pass legislation or call for political reform (although these are good things that we have the right to do in America). Our job (calling) is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Are we doing that? Or are we more concerned about politics?

Soon Enough

It’s been a week, by now we can know if the Church in Maine actually cares about the Gospel and its call or if we just want our annual push to keep America moral. Morality is good, but the Kingdom of God is not made of morality. The Kingdom of our God and Savior Jesus Christ is made of His people called by His name into His service for His glory.

As Paul says (1 Cor. 9.16): Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel. Let’s put more time, effort, energy and passion into proclaiming Jesus Christ than we do into social reform. The Gospel being preached will lead to change.


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