Some good thoughts

In my daily blog reading, I ran across some post by some smart people and rather than linking them all individually to my facbook or twitter, I decided to post them here together. Enjoy!

  • The Resurgence posted about the condition of the heart and how we should not be too quick to listen to what our hearts say. Why? God says that the intentions of a man’s heart are evil, why listen to the evil?
  • On the topic of homosexuality and gay marriage, Mike Wittmer (author of Don’t Stop Believing) posted about the gay marriage effort and equal rights. He has some great points about what these rights mean for Christians.
  • Trevin Wax posted on one of my favorite topics: Church Membership; asking the question- “What are we expecting from our Church members?” Even if your Church doesn’t embrace a post like this, what if you started to embrace these ideas? I could see a more effective Church come from this.
  • Jon Acuff (of Stuff Christians Like) raised over $30,000 in 18 hours through his blog. Why? Go find out! This makes me wonder… if Christians can get together and raise that much money for a noble cause, are there other, greater things that we can do together? Maybe look past some secondary issues that the Church has and (just maybe) actually spread the Gospel for a change? You know, rather than spend time bickering? Congratulations Jon, I’m happy for you and the¬†Kindergarten fund!

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