Mercy and Generosity

By now, it should be painfully obvious that we should have an attitude of generosity with everything that we consider to be ours. Looking again at the unmerciful servant, we can see that whatever was his actually belonged to his master. For instance, when he loaned out the $80,000 to his fellow servant, it was his master’s money. This also should be reflective of our lives and others, but what does it look like?


True prayer being spoken on behalf of others in need is great indeed. The problem is, some Christians leave their “help” at the prayer. If you pray for someone, help them out of the situation they are in. Let them see that God is holy and just and that he cares for their spiritual and physical needs. Then, you can help out even more.

Money and other stuff

It’s obvious that the unmerciful servant was not generous with “his” money. But it wasn’t his, it belonged to the master. In the same way, our money and possessions are “on loan” from our Father in heaven. Put more clearly, we are stewards of what God has given us, and we must use it for his purposes. These would include letting someone use your car even though he might not put gas in it and could possibly get into an accident; giving money faithfully to the Church that you belong to so that she can continue in her mission for God; donating food to a family in need this Christmas; not spending frivolously on things that will fade away, but actually investing in what is eternal.


Many people would say that they don’t have money or possessions to give others. Why not give away time instead? There are people who are weak and weary in their faith who need help. Take them out for a coffee or dinner and get to know them and their struggles. Pray with them and speak the Gospel into their lives. We need to be generous with our time so that our friends and family can benefit from the community that we are a part of. Invest in people who others wouldn’t invest in. That is being generous with your time as you wont be repaid for it.

It is easy to be generous when you know your Father will take care of you.


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