Into the New Year

Yeah, I know I’m a bit behind, but I noticed this morning that we are a week into 2010 (and only 51 weeks away from 2011 when the world is apparently going to end) so, now would be a good time to announce some New Year’s stuff here at Death Nor Life.

Where is Tim?

First off, my co-author Tim Sewall has been absent for almost a year on this blog (here was his last one). His tweets still come to the page, but he hasn’t written stuff. However, lately he has been hard at work over at the Atmosphere Church Blog where some of his posts will be published in the next month or so. He is a good writer when he has something to say. So, if you want to hear from him, check out the Atmosphere site, or maybe tweet/facebook him to get him to write here.


I am going to do a whole bunch of reading again this year. My goal last year was 60, but I only ended up reading 35. So I fell a wee bit short! So here’s what is happening this year: In addition to following this chronological Bible reading plan, I have 12 other books that I really to read, and then there will be  a bunch more that I hope to get through along the way. Here are my twelve:

  1. Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin
  2. Portraits of Calvin by T.H.L Parker
  3. The Faithful Preacher by Thabiti Anyabwile
  4. To the Last Salute by Captain Georg Von Trapp
  5. What He Must Be …If He Wants to Marry My Daughter by Voddie Baucham
  6. Showing the Spirit by D.A. Carson
  7. Forgotten God by Francis Chan
  8. The Reason For Sports: A Christian Fanifesto by Ted Kluck
  9. Game Day for the Glory of God by Stephen Altrogge
  10. The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren
  11. Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
  12. The Soul of Life by Joel Beeke

Also, rather than reviewing the books at the end of each month, I am actually going to review them as I finish them. It’s better this way.


I am still working at East Auburn Baptist Church with a focus on the youth ministry of Atmosphere Church. We are excited for some new things coming up this year (like February’s Snow Camp), so keep checking in, and we’ll keep you posted.

Otherwise, nothing has changed. I’m still the arrogant blogger that writes and posts as much as he can. I am hoping that God will use the past year to work humility into this sinner, but that is something we’ll find out as we go along!

Solo Deo Gloria!


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