Job: a book of poems

If you haven’t read it by now, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of John Piper’s book: Job.

Piper’s poetry is so deep and moving that you barely need the illustrations that go along with it. However, Christopher Koelle’s fantastic artistry is a great addition to the wonder of this book. Everything is combined so elegantly that you won’t want to stop reading.

So what’s it about?

It is the story of Job with some creative liberties taken. Piper gives names to sons, daughters, and his wife, and shows with great and colorful words that won’t let you leave. It is broken into four parts, each concluding with a section on how Job’s suffering is ten out on Christ, and how our hope must be in him. I mentioned one of these great passages on Monday.

In addition to the craftily woven words is a section in the back where Piper explains ten aspects of God’s sovereignty. The book is worth having just for this section. It is always wonderful to see where God has His hand working; Job helps us see just that. For those suffering, for those in need, we all need to know the truth of God’s sovereignty in all of life.


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