Are you doing fine?

The first part of the comment that I mentioned yesterday reads:

Stop talking about god. I live in Sweden, one of the most atheist countries in the world, and we are doing just fine.

Oh Yeah?

I don’t like being morbid. I rarely put much stock in statistics. I don’t like generalizations. However, I find it hard to believe that a nation that boasts(?) the tenth highest suicide rate is doing fine. Now, the United States is at #7, so I’m not saying that we are much better. But being in that top ten can’t be good.

What is perhaps even worse is that Sweden, like much of the world, is a nation of dead religion. The commenter is right (according to numerous sites and statistics- google search: godless Sweden). God may be “absent” in this nation, but no one can avoid the fact that religion reigns. Even if you aren’t a “church attender”, you are still religious- it’s man’s default mode. We all tend to be “religious” in that we think by doing good, we’ll get good. Or, going the other way, if we live our own way we get the most out of life and just try to pay for it later. (For more on this point, study Christ’s example of the Prodigal Sons in Lk. 15.11-31, and read Keller’s Prodigal God).

The point is…

Nobody is doing just fine. That is why we are praying! That is why we come as humbled, weary sinners to the only one who can save. We all think that we are doing OK, but we aren’t. It has been said that Christians should be the most humble people in the world because we follow one who humbled himself (Phil. 2). But we still deal with sin every day, even as ones who have been saved.

It’s my prayer that the people of Sweden, the United States, indeed the world, would come to know their need and rest in the true savior and understand that we are not doing fine.


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