All the small things

The world has some big things coming from the end of January (last week) to the beginning of March. From the (not so shocking) release of Apple’s iPad, to this year’s Super Bowl match-up (along with its controversial commercial), and the Olympic Games beginning this month, we have plenty to talk about. Not to mention all the other exciting things that fill our lives (movies, video games, home accessories, the list goes on…)

But didn’t we have enough to talk about already?

Think about it. We deserve death. Not just a sweet slumber into the unknown- death by our sin and it’s punishment. But we have a great God and savior who called us and chose us to be like him through the death and resurrection of His perfect Son; meanwhile we are debating whether or not the iPad will be as effective as it was desired to be? Are we really spending our lives focusing so much on our possessions and trivial matters when the cross is at stake? Are you worshiping the small calves or the other guys in place of Christ?

Me too

You know that whole “cast the first stone” thing Jesus talked about? Well I am throwing one at myself. Lately my worship has been misdirected. Oh, I have been worshiping a lot, but it hasn’t been for our risen Christ. It has been people-centered, me-focused, self-indulgent worship that needs to stop. That is where we’re all at. No, it’s not a bad thing to enjoy the Super Bowl, route for your favorite country in the Olympics, or even enjoy the new toys that keep coming out, but when you make these good things ultimate things, watch out- because they have become your idols.

Worship Jesus, not his creation.


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